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6 months ago

Replicating Successful Strategies of Social Development in Odisha

Most organizations and social workers approach to implement the same ideas, methods, and theories those successfully transformed the urban communities. It is quite unique, ideal as well as risky. Response of rural communities varies from the urbane people, towards the ideas of social development in Odisha. So, bringing few or large changes to the schemes or approaches is required, while indicating rural regions.

Adopting Models for Social Work in Rural Communities of Odisha:

Hiring local or rural social workers is not the only idea. We can proceed with efficient plans in the company of experienced social workers too. So, we need to stay focused at the goal centric ideas and resources. Composing a special proposal for bringing competent results could be simplified further with analyzing the requirements of the beneficiaries.

Resource mobilization is another major component for making the initiatives flourishing. Applying sophisticated skills and utilizing all the latest techniques bring better results. Community driven social work in rural communities of Odisha has the greatest potential.

Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is a leading socially inspired organization that works significantly for bringing sustainable social development in Odisha. All the developmental schemes of BIPF are focusing on the extending the access of rural people to different services. In this way, bringing the under-privileged people to the mainstream is possible.

Rather inheriting the modules of urban development programs, BIPF composes innovative schemes for the rural communities. All the proposals signify the requirements of the remote villages of Odisha and its needy dwellers.

7 months ago

How Can Rural Development Programmes in Odisha Change Lives

There are many organizations are actively working towards promotion of poverty reductions and livelihoods of the rural people in Odisha. In this segment, Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation has came out with some great initiatives. BIPF is approaching a number of villages in the state through its rural development programmes in Odisha.

Schemes for Bringing Change in Rural Health in Odisha:

Empowering rural youth with livelihoods promotion programmes, and focusing on other core areas like education, water and sanitation, health of women and children, etc. All the existing schemes from this agency are bringing positive impacts for the society. In the following lines, you will find more insights on major initiatives of the plans and policies made by BIPF.

Identifying Positive Impacts of Different Initiatives:

For bringing visible changes to the developmental index of rural health in Odisha, BIPF has strengthened its approach for reducing the complaints of anaemia, Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR), and malnutrition. Project Unnati is a strong example of its rural development programmes in Odisha that empowering women and others through SHG memberships.

In terms of education, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Therubali is an excellent achievement of the organization which is running since 1980 in Rayagada district. It has become one of the prestigious English medium schools in the state and it is affiliated to the C.B.S.E, New Delhi. For infrastructure development of other schools in different villages, BIPF is actively working with the Government. And the Professor Ghanashyam Dash Scholarship for Higher Education is a notable scheme for economically disadvantaged meritorious students.

Therubali Industrial Training Centre (TITC) in Rayagada has become a successful model of change for the people. It is promoting modular employability programme for the rural youth. The behaviour change communication (BCC) is another successful idea from the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation active in its rural operational areas.

All these existing schemes and proposed ideas are signifying the greatest mindset of the organization. More and more people are getting involved through these programs.

7 months ago

Analyzing Impacts of Social Work in Rural Communities of Odisha

For empowering the rural people in Odisha, many organizations already have implemented their schemes. Only few of them are having positive impacts on the society and achieving the goals. In this segment, Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is currently operating some successful projects. BIPF is strongly active through social work in rural communities of Odisha.

Initiatives of BIPF for Social Development in Odisha:

Four major focus areas of the organization and its major initiatives are discussed below.

• Education – Through empowering the rural people with the power of education, we can strive to find the best values of sustainable development. For bringing socio-economic transformations, education plays a vital role. BIPF’s initiatives in this segment includes the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Therubali, Rayagada which is an educational institution having classes LKG to Standard XII. Professor Ghanashyam Dash Scholarship for higher education is another successful scheme from this organization. Infrastructure development of the schools Rayagada, Keonjhar, Jajpur and Choudwar is also a part of the current initiatives of BIPF.

• Women and Children – This organization has more dreams for the women and children like deprived social groups in the society. Along with promoting gender equality and women empowerment, there are many other schemes launched by BIPF. Project Unnati is a much successful model that creates social platform the rural women to form SHGs and being sustainable. The Project Arogya Dhara and Janani Express like aspects are defining the new ways of social work in rural communities of Odisha. Ila Panda Gynecology Ward and RAKSHA Project through partnership with Pathfinder International have created positive changes.

• Skill Development – Right from establishing the Therubali Industrial Training Centre (TITC) in Rayagada to organizing special camps of modular employability programme, BIPF actively providing many platforms for livelihood. All the multi-dimensional ideas of the organization for social development in Odisha are bringing more success and public involvement.

• Water and Sanitation – In this segment, Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation plays a vital role in making available all basic facilities in rural sphere. They are also spreading awareness among the villagers through behaviour change communication activities.
BIPF is consistently focusing on the sustainable growth of the rural communities.

8 months ago

Rural Development Programmes – Focusing on Rural Health in Odisha

There are many development centric schemes currently implemented by the governmental and non-governmental organizations, in Odisha. All of them focus on different geographical areas and social issues. Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is a reputed organization in the state that is empowering the rural communities. Presently, BIPF has many on-going projects to bring positive changes through the rural health in Odisha.

Major Aspects of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha:

• Plan – Innovative ideas and flexible plans are the most essential resources of any social developmental scheme. To get better yields and witness growth faster, planning is an essential add-on. BIPF like esteemed organizations carry out researches to find the opportunities of growth in the health sector of its operational areas.

• Prepare – After getting ready the plans, we need to move ahead for the preparations. Analyzing all available resources and finding details on requirements will be the primary thing to consider. Identifying the possible threats and issues will be essential to prepare robust policies for rural health in Odisha.

• Proceed – Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation has a strong team of policy makers those have the potential of resource mobilization. It helps in carrying out the plans well and achieving the predefined goals.

• Progress – After implementing the rural development programmes in Odisha, regular evaluation is planned next. It helps in tracking the success of the projects.

This organization has implemented many developmental schemes through health sector. In includes the projects like, RAKSHA Project through partnership with Pathfinder International, Project Arogya Dhara, Janani Express, etc. Ila Panda Gynecology Ward is another major initiative from this noble organization.

8 months ago

Why it is the Best Time to Redefine Social Development in Odisha

Over last few years, there are lots of positive changes observed through the deployment of social development programs. Mostly in the rural sphere of the country, these changes are flaunting intensely. This trend revitalized the organizations including Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation those are actively working for bringing social development in Odisha. They are now strengthening their approaches for continuing this flow of change.

Best Reasons to Continue Social Work in Rural Communities of Odisha:

The following signals of transformation inspiring the individuals and organizations, to keep up the works and believe in change.
• Responses – Positive responses from the beneficiaries motivates the organizations to continue. And nowadays, we can see loads of reactions coming in a helpful manner. It signifies the success of the strategies picked for social development in Odisha.

• Results – The previously implemented schemes are coming with great results. Making them milestone of success, people and organizations are moving ahead. It is helping in spreading awareness and motivating more people to adopt changes.

• Revival – Adding more resources to the stratagem of social work in rural communities of Odisha are being planned out. Utilization of advanced tools and technologies making the growth rate rising. In this segment, most organizations started to resume their journey towards the enlightenment of social development.

• Realization – Earlier created models are putting into view of the public. Internet and other communication tools are encouraging others to realize the changes.
The continuous endeavours of Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation are focussed at constructive growth of people and communities.

8 months ago

Major Goals of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

Major Goals of Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

There are lots of organizations have started to work for the rural development in Odisha and India. In this scenario, efforts of Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation is bringing optimistic changes. Most of the rural development programmes in Odisha of BIPF signifies the values of health and hygiene, education and employment, etc. Particularly in the healthcare segment, this organization is already having many short and long term goals.
Highlights of Developmental Programmes for Rural Health in Odisha:

• Spreading Awareness – It is the most essential factor to turn any organizational strategy to work well. Stimulating rural people to take advantage of healthcare services through different ways is being done by the organization. Wall paintings to organizing direct meetings with the beneficiaries are part of this module.

• Involving People – To make any rural development programmes in Odisha successful, participation of beneficiaries is necessary. Giving priority to this idea, BIPF is continuously letting people get the most out of its rural health in Odisha programs.

• Continuous Endeavours – Retaining the continuity of the current projects and what went before is required. All the strategies of the BIPF urge continuity of the successful programs to bring optimistic results.

• Inspiring Results – Success stories of the Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation and its rural development programmes are really inspiring. Through creating models of change, it is supporting the successful long run of the programmes.

Most of the existing and planned schemes of BIPF readily promote the wellbeing of rural people. The focus area of these programmes targets the women and children significantly.

9 months ago

Promoting Rural Development Programmes in Odisha

The process of creating and implementing strategies for rural development in Odisha requires a deep brainstorm. We have to focus on different aspects simultaneously, right from basics needs to advanced technologies. All the futuristic strategies need to include the provisions of including all the beneficiaries directly. Besides these, there are lots of things to be considered while reviewing the scopes of development in the rural areas of the state.

Making Rural Development Programmes in Odisha More Efficient:

1. Identifying Areas of Operation – While we consider identifying the major sectors to implement strategies, livelihood, education and rural health in Odisha will be in the top. Besides these, there are many other fields are requiring intervention of positive changes. So, while composing strategies for development of the rural communities, we have to list out all the socio-economic segments smartly.

2. Finding Opportunities – There are lots of prospects available to start with. We have to make our strategies more resourceful by identifying the scopes of development in each field separately. Creating schools can be a key factor for eradicating the issues of illiteracy and underprivileged education. Similarly, plans to open health care centres focus on the development of rural health in Odisha.

3. Spreading Awareness – In fact, there are lots of rural development programmes in Odisha are currently being implemented. But due to the lack of awareness, most beneficiaries are still far away from the benefits. Finding and utilizing the right channels to promote the developmental plans is necessary.

4. Eliminating Threats – When we talk on the barriers, there will be a lot of issues will arise. We can face off them by strengthening our strategies, making it more resourceful. Before implanting the programs directly at the operational areas, we have to stay prepared to defend all the threats.

5. Direct Participation – Through making the strategies or the programs further interactive, we can wish to get more positive responses. Direct involvement of the rural people will make the plans for improvement of the infrastructure more successful.

6. Accepting Feedbacks – Collecting views of the beneficiaries, local experts, and change makers will help in strengthening the strategy.

7. Reviewing Progress – We can analyze the improvements through having another look at the feedbacks. It is necessary to review the process regularly and making proper documentations.

8. Welcoming Changes – Whether the strategy is requiring intervention of latest technologies or other resources, we need to check in the earlier stage. We always need to open ourselves to accept the constructive changes.

9. Creating Models – Through focusing on a small part of our whole operational area, we can easily create a model. Through creating examples and success stories, we can influence more beneficiaries to get connected through the rural development programmes in Odisha.

10. Retaining Continuity – Whether it is the school created for eradicating illiteracy or the health care centre to bring changes to the rural health in Odisha, we have to give them a long-term stability.

The rural areas of Odisha are requiring some ideal strategies along with continuance of the implementations.


9 months ago

7 Advantages Of Rural Development Programmes In Odisha

The state of Odisha, being one of the centers having abundant natural resources in India still has a situation where some sections of the society is underprivileged. In those sections, comes the rural Odisha where there is an immediate requirement of development and that too in every aspect. The issues are taken up by the government and various NGOs, but there is also a need where other initiatives and people participation can cohesively help in executing the rural development programmes in Odisha and finally make it a success for the upliftment of the needy.

As mentioned above, the development in entire aspects includes socioeconomic development along with other major areas. If those steps complete in a successful way, then the benefits in the following areas may follow.

  1. Education – Whatever stays or not, quality education sustains for a lifetime. Through the rolled out rural development programmes in Odisha, it can be ensured that the children get quality education which helps in their mental development and prepare them for a brighter and better future. Education plays a vital role in understanding the basic things that can work towards the betterment of life.
  2. Healthcare – In many rural areas, there have been lack of health care. If any programmes associated with the rural health in Odisha are laid out, then NGOs and government lay the stress upon building health centers and hospitals for them. The main advantage here is the people will find immediate medical care instead of hurrying out for the cities.
  3. Infrastructure – As far as development is concerned, infrastructure plays a vital role to achieve various goals. For example, in a rural village, if a school infrastructure with added facilities will be provided, the environment would itself attract more number of students to join and get educated.
  4. Employment – Encouragement of employment-generation based rural development programmes in Odisha can attract lots of youth and other persons who are willing to have some work, but do not have any knowledge or expertise. The skill development programmes and workshops can help with that.
  5. Sanitation – Improper sanitation has led to several deaths due to diseases. There are several portions of rural areas where people head for open defecation and urination. Building of toilets is an utmost important part related to healthy development and decreasing the mortality rate.
  6. Opportunities – Once the rural development programmes in Odisha are implemented successfully, people of every section would find enormous opportunities. For example, any individual with an idea can become an entrepreneur because they can take the help of the programmes and begin own venture.
  7. Women empowerment – It dates back to many decades when the women in the society have remained marginalized due to the male dominance. Although, gender inequality has been reduced in the urban areas, but the stature of rural areas is gruesome. Hence, the programmes would also focus in women upliftment as well and help them become successful entrepreneurs too.

Implementation of the programmes depends upon every individual of the society as much as the administrators. Cohesive development can bring in success more often.

9 months ago

Rural Empowerment Through Social Development In Odisha

Acts of god can be confined up to a certain extent, but social development is something that is manageable by everyone. We heard a lot of news stories about the government’s agenda, failures, successes, etc. At some point of time, we blame and coerce the authorities regarding the poor development status of Odisha. As a matter of fact, there are several instances of corruption that hampers the social development in Odisha, especially the rural communities. However, there is another aspect of the society that shows blatant negligence as a reflection of people with privileges.

Criticism and praise is a part and parcel of the society and from the society. But, in the midst of all these, only one agenda shall be concentrated upon and this is social development. Government, civil societies, NGOs, CSR initiatives and most of all common people can make their best efforts in the humanitarian work. There are some major areas that really need the help of rural development programmes in Odisha and that too with equal importance. The following focuses on such areas and what can be done for it.


  •  Educational needs – Cannot be prioritized as first or second because the required educational infrastructure and qualified teachers, both come in top priority. Educational development and its high quality lay vital importance in preparing the children for a bright and prospective future. Moreover, not only limited to studies, but if a suitable environment is provided, the children can follow up to diverse ambitions such as a sportsperson, etc. 
  • Healthcare units – Lack of health infrastructure in the rural areas, force the people to go to a medical center at a farther distance. Joint initiatives by government and NGOs can open up health centers and hospital to benefit the rural health in Odisha. Besides, the companies managing their CSR initiatives can conduct regular health camps for checkups until certain infrastructure is ready.
  • Water and sanitation – Reports suggest that around 92.30% population of rural households defecate in the open, which is not only shocking, but extremely grave. Lack of waste management system and poor sanitation give birth to innumerable diseases and affect the rural health in Odisha. Thus, in the collaboration of state government, stakeholders, innovative financiers, etc. the development of toilets and water bodies would help reduce those appalling figures.
  • Skill development – An area that holds similar prominence as all of the above. Despite a strong demography in India, there is a lack of skilled labour in the country. This would be a major social work in rural communities of Odisha to offer the skill development programmes using workshops to train the youth and needy people. Likewise, women empowerment through this method is also an important part to pursue. Obviously, the opportunities open up to a skilled person and encouraging enough to begin as an entrepreneur.

The individual roles of stakeholders promise a dynamic environment for rural development. Hence, each person’s contribution and that too in close coordination are exceedingly helpful towards this noble cause.

10 months ago

Social Development In Odisha – BIPF Leads By Example

Social Development In Odisha – BIPF Leads By Example

Marginalization of rural people is a menace of the society that needs total eradication. Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF) is one of the leading groups, which has set an example for others by boosting the social development in Odisha under various CSR initiatives. Their notable works have helped rural people to achieve maximum benefits in their life.


The foundation concentrates in several major areas including water and sanitation, education, maternal and child care. Founded in 2011, the BIPF has grown its significance in distinctive rural areas that were deprived of basic amenities. The following provides a brief preview about their sustainable development in Odisha.

• Education – It took a major step by setting the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Therubala in the district of Rayagada, offering a reliable infrastructure for students of rural Odisha. Similarly, the foundation has signed up several MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with government and other organizations for educational development.

• Women and child care – BIPF commenced social development in Odisha by launching the Project UNNATI for the betterment of women and child care facilities through health, food, hygiene, finance, livelihood, etc.

• Water and sanitation – As the statistics indicate, Odisha still has a dubious record in open defecation that needs immediate attention. BIPF has conducted special meetings for awareness about the ill effects of open defecation and importance of sanitation with respect to health.

BIPF has also given major efforts in skill development by setting the centers of skill development and training.